What It’s All About

“Pull over the van now!”

The folks in the van were chatting and dozing as the team was travelling back from Mt. Elgon.  We had just finished a great day teaching the “Lead Like Jesus’ curriculum to the rural pastors and bible school students up on the mountain.  On the way down the


Austin knows for sure!

mountain Jennifer began talking to Austin, who was driving one of the three vans carrying our team.  Our drivers are our lifeline while in country, making sure we get everywhere safely, keeping us supplied with water, and generally answering dozens of questions about country and culture.  It’s about an hour and a half drive over some very rough road and Jennifer Crotts was sitting in the front seat talking to Austin about the day.  About 15 minutes into the conversation the Holy Spirit began to speak to Jennifer.  She felt she needed to ask Austin about his salvation.

Like many of us, the thought of having a gospel conversation with someone terrified Jennifer.  But she began to recall some of Bro. Steve’s messages and his encouragement to just start asking questions.  So, she mustered up her courage and asked, “So Austin, do you go to church?”  He said yes, but he really wasn’t sure about things.  He tried to pray,


Children waiting while their parents attend the seminar

but just didn’t feel anything.  Jennifer started asking more questions and she remember Bro. Steve talking about a young girl who attended a revival service and felt convicted, but said she’d do it later.  Then that girl was killed in a car wreck that night and never had another opportunity to make a decision.  Jennifer looked at Austin and said, “So if we were to have a wreck right now, would you go to heaven or hell?”   He said, “I don’t know”; to which she responded, “Would you like to know right now?”  He said “Yes!”.  That’s when Jennifer shouted, “Pull over the van now!”  Long story short, after driving to a safer place to talk, Grant Crotts and Baron Muga had the honor of leading Austin in the sinner’s prayer!  An already great day turned outstanding.

The training center on Mt. Elgon is a story in itself.  Richard Makani began teaching new house church pastors under a tree on the mountain years ago.  He wanted to build a center where those people could come together to be taught the word of God and then in turn go back and teach their church members.  A field became available on the


Redeeming the land for God!

Mountain, but it was on a former battlefield.  Many bloody tribal battles were planned on that very spot.  The people of the region said it was too dangerous to come there and build.  Richard was not deterred however and 5 years ago ground was broken on the center.  Now, twice a week local pastors travel up to 20K to meet and be taught.  None of these men are particularly educated men.  Most never finished high school, but Richard and the men he has discipled share scripture and theology in simple terms.  Perhaps someone should come and study their model and start a movement.  Call it ‘Simple Seminary”!

On Thursday we will travel to Kakamega to visit Light School.  Thanks for your continued prayers!

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