Where Faith meets Hustle

“I know the Lord told us to build the boys dorm, but we didn’t know where the funds would come from.   So, we just prayed and asked the Lord, who has always been our provider.  Then we drew up the plans…”

We Americans always need to have a plan.  We make plans for the day, plans for a project, plans for a vacation, and plans for retirement.  We’ll sit down and plan a route


New Girl’s dorm at Seeds High School

for which stores we want to shop, or we’ll plan what style and finishes we want on our next house.  But generally, we are planning already knowing we have the money to accomplish our plan or at least we know where we’re going to get the money.  Even when we don’t have the money when we are making plans, we’ll make a budget so we can save money from our salaries to eventually accomplish the plan.  Richard Makani and his wife Hellen don’t have that luxury.

When God first told Richard and Hellen to start feeding children they thought, ‘where will I get the money to feed these kids?”  Richard would catch a bus from their home in


Teacher training

the village of Mois Bridge to the town of Kitale.  He would buy beans and corn and ride the bus back home to resell the produce.  He did that for a year and saved $50, a princely sum for a small church pastor.  Out of that $50 they began to feed 10-15 children from the Kipsongo slum one meal a week.  From those humble beginnings, God has taken them on a journey of faith few of us would understand.  Many times, God would give Richard or Hellen a word about something they were to do.  They stood at those faith crossroads wondering how God would provide for that particular vision.  They would get down on their knees and say, “God, we don’t know how you are going to provide, but you are our provision.”  Then they would start taking steps towards that vision.  Time after time, God would make the show up at the exact right moment.

One day one of the MP’s (Members of Parliament) came by the house they were


Hellen translates for Jennifer & Rachel

renting and using as the orphanage.  Hellen thought they had come by to visit the ministry, but the real reason is that the MP wanted to buy the house.  Richard and Hellen received a call a week or so later telling them they had 60 days to vacate the house!  What were they going to do?  They started praying and then they began to act.  Hellen went to town and started to negotiate the purchase of concrete and sand, not knowing how they were going to pay for it.  Richard sat down with his Dad and they started drawing up plans for the first orphanage building.  Again, they didn’t know how they were going to pay for it.  What they didn’t know was there was a church in the US that had started raising money for a church building.  God told them to stop planning that building and then a few months later they heard about Richard and Hellen’s plight.  God told them that’s the building they were raising funds for!  God had already deposited the money for that orphanage before the need was even known.  BUT Richard and


They were born in the slums, but they’re born again in Jesus!  And they’re getting a good education.

Hellen had already trusted in God’s provision.

Fast forward to today and Richard and Hellen now oversee a ministry that cares for over 200 children at Seeds Children’s Home, feeds and educates over 400 poor children at Seeds Academy just outside the Kipsongo slum, educates teenagers at the brand new Seeds High School in Kitale and trains Pastors at a new training center built up on Mt. Elgon.  The latest miracle was at the orphanage.  There is a new girl’s dorm and dining hall, but the boys are living in a house made of poles and iron sheets.  The boys come to Richard and begged for a new place to live.  Richard told them, “We don’t have any money, but let’s pray”.  So, they prayed for several days and Richard, of course, started drawing up plans.  Three days later Richard got an email from a couple in the US.  They asked, “What is your biggest need?  We want to help meet it!”.  Today, that dorm is under construction!  They are still a little short of funds to finish, so I wonder, perhaps God deposited those funds in your bank account?



The Bellevue team spent Wednesday visiting the academy, the high school and the orphanage.  We ministered to the teachers, talked about lesson plans and approaches to education, played with children, had grown-up conversations with the teenagers and saw miracles revealed.  We walked through answered prayers.  We heard about children rescued.  We saw Jesus with skin on.  Team member Grant Crotts took it all in and summarized it this way:  “This is where Faith meets Hustle!”

We are over half-way through our journey.  We travel to Mt. Elgon Wednesday to lead local pastors in the ‘Lead Like Jesus’ seminar.  Keep praying!


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