The Heart of Kenya

Guest Post by Lauren Milewski

          We had our first devotion today in the cool morning breeze of Nairobi. Rachel B mathare 2read from Psalms 46:10 which says, “Cease striving and know that I am God.” Kenya has the Hakuna Mattata motto, and they (unlike America) actually take time to be still before God. Their schedules aren’t set and are super flexible. They don’t think bad of someone if they show up late (how I wish it were like that in the States lol). They are super gracious and loving people.

On our way to the Mathere School we got stuck in a lot of traffic. No one in our van seemed to stress, and we took advantage of mathare 1the time to get to know one another better. This group is from all stages of life, yet we still have openly connected with one another. The bond of this team I’ll never forget, and all of the conversations in the cars, planes, and at dinners are so precious to me. It’s fun seeing how from ages 19-85 God is using each of us right now, and will continue to use us in the future if we keep making ourselves available. God has chosen us. Will we choose Him?

We were in one of the poorest areas in all of the world today. Driving through it was indescribable. Once we got there, Pastor Kennedy walked us through the slums to get to the school. Before we got there, he stopped us at a pathway. It stunk so bad I thought I might throw up. Below the dirt we were standing on was sewage – a ton of it. Yet, Pastor Kennedy had the biggest smile on his face and was showing it off to us because it had come so far. It used to be just the dumps

mathare 3and dumps of sewage you had to walk through. Now there’s dirt on top and a pathway below for water. To Kenyans, this was a huge deal. He didn’t even second guess what us Americans thought. In the States, it was like showing off a shack to a million dollar homeowner. Pastor Kennedy didn’t care because he knew the heart behind it all. He knew he was in God’s will. He knew he was pleasing his Savior and that’s all that mattered to him. With Pastor, we greatly rejoiced for the increase the Lord has provided for this ministry.

There were roughly 160 kids and twenty teachers inside 4 tiny rooms and a little building. I was glad I was able to take photos because I got to see what all was going on in each of the rooms. It was such a fun experience. When we got there, the girls had made us beautiful necklaces and bracelets, and the kids sang

mathare 5 a welcoming song for us at the top of their lungs. It was so sweet. Lunch was awesome. It’s crazy that with what little they have they still gave us their best. After the day was over, we sang a last song and we prayed for one another. When the kids were praying the gist of it was “Thank you Lord for where you have me and placing me here. We are your children. Thank you. Thank you. Amen. Amen.” The kids were so grateful to God and loved on each other so well. They weren’t comparing. They were focused on loving one another and giving thanks. How much more loving and

mathare 4 grateful us Americans need to be. We don’t need to covet other believers’ journeys the Lord has them on. We need to stay focused on our Savior and His plan for us. He has blessed us so that we in turn can bless others. We must do what we can with what we’ve been given. If it means adding dirt to clean up the road or serving someone no matter the cost.

The hearts of the Kenyans are so warming and challenging to me. To whom much is given much will be required. I have to ask myself, where is my heart? Is it in people’s approval or is it in God’s approval like Pastor Kennedy’s is? Maybe we should all just “cease striving” and allow the Lord to analyze our hearts.

Hakuna Mattata


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