It’s now Sunday night in Kenya and we’ve just finished our dinner.  We took some time just now to recap our day at three different churches in Nairobi.  The words I heard tonight were words like ‘overwhelmed’, ‘joyful’, ‘my heart was full’,  ‘their worship was so authentic’, and ‘during the prayer time I saw people praying without fear of judgement’.  Sometimes I get asked why we keep coming back to Kenya.  Seeing Kenya again afresh and anew through these people’s eyes is a gift that keeps on giving.  Please read the guest post below.  This is one of the many reasons we keep going!

Tomorrow we travel into the slums of Nairobi to visit a miracle!  The first new block and concrete school ever!

Guest post by Jennifer Crotts:

Today we attended the Spiritual Life Center, a church, in a slum in Nairobi Kenya. The worship at this church was so powerful and loud and raw. It was so life changing for me I do not feel I can adequately describe it here. It gave me a mental picture of beautiful praises rising up to Heaven from a heap of twisted metal and rubbish. Not to mention all the people in the vicinity that were witness to the sounds of this worship.

Bellevue has some of the best teaching, music, and praise and worship I have ever experienced. I have a love for my church and its people that runs deep. My husband, Grant, and I have been called to international missions and we are currently seeking and following what the Lord has in store for our family. This trip to Kenya is a kind of exploratory trip for us. We have heard this call over the past year and a half. During that time, almost every Sunday the thought crosses my mind of how much I will miss the Bellevue worship experience. I am so thankful for each Sunday at Bellevue because at some point I may not have the privilege of attending.

Today, we attended a church in a slum in Nairobi and the Lord showed me he will not allow me to miss the worship at Bellevue because the worship where he sends is rich.

Please watch this video as a testimony to these words.


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