Jua Kali

(forgive the late posting.  we’ve had little to no wifi the last few days)

By Michael Weathers

As a rusty blue gate swings open two white vans pull into a beautiful compound. Men are working in the garden. Cows are chewing on the green grass, and baby chickens follow their mother, dodging their new visitors. Our team had just arrived at Jul Kali IMG_1127orphanage just outside of Eldoret. As we waited for the children to arrive for lunch we were greeted by Dan, the complex manager, Sara, and Lara. They graciously welcomed us and gave a tour of the facility. Each dorm had about 16 rooms with 4 to 6 bunks in each room. Some bunks had Barbie dolls resting on a pillow, some had mosquito nets, but they were all neatly made. A parent


Greetings from Jua Kali

family lives in the middle of each dorm ant the restrooms are on each end. The office was a red storage container converted into a building and our team took fun pictures on a nearby tire swing. We were able to meet Joseph’s wife Lillian and their 4 children and visit their home.

As the children arrived, we all went to the dining hall. We introduced ourselves and the staff introduced themselves.  Katie prayed over and for the orphanage, and that God would bless them and, in His timing, provide for them. The children put on a dance for us and we began to play. The kids loved the balls, glow sticks, frisbees, and noisemakers.  But most of all, the smile on their faces and the glow of happiness seemed to show their overall appreciation for us just being there. Though their English was not as good and our Swahili is subpar it


How are you?

did not stop our fellowship. I was able to play a good pickup game of soccer (football) with some older kids and a staff member named Patrick. As it started to rain we went inside to eat.  We blessed the food and began to dig in. The cooks were very gracious to us and provided a wonderful meal of beef, chicken, rice, and chipati.  After our meal we thanked them for their hospitality and said our goodbyes. We encouraged them to keep up the faith and to not grow weary in well-doing. I thank God for giving the opportunity for our team to visit and pray we were an encouragement to them. I know they were to us.

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