Crossing the Rivers

“How many of you crossed 2 rivers to be here today? 3? 4!”  Four was the winner.  One pastor had crossed 4 different rivers as he walked to the Training Center on Mt. Elgon Thursday.  Pastor Richard has been teaching and training these men on this mountain for


Josh teaching about the armor of God

several years now.  The Bellevue team trekked the rutted red roads up to the mountain to spend the day teaching these rural pastors about the Armor of God, discipleship, mentorship, knowing God’s voice and resting in Him.  Over 100 pastors and wives, all of which arrived on foot, soaked in the messages from our team.  One man was taking notes on a scrap piece of paper with a pencil no more than an inch long!  When I see the hardships they endure to come to learn about


How does this look?

God I am ashamed when I complain about having to park away from the door on Sunday morning.  I’d probably stay home if I had to walk half a mile to church, but many of they walked 2 hours to be there.

It has always been our goal to come alongside indigenous ministries to help further their work.  Pastor Richard remarked that the teaching from the Bellevue team over the years has really helped them reinforce the curriculum they had been teaching.  For many of the Bellevue team, the time spent under Dr. Rogers and Bro. Steve along with their life group teachers has prepared them well to share what God has taught them.  The disciples learned at the


Lily made some new friends!

feet of Jesus and then went out and changed the world with his message.  We can do the same by sharing what the Lord has taught us through these preachers and teachers.

Our team also brought reading glasses to distribute.  It is such a precious moment when someone puts on a pair of reading glasses for the first time and suddenly they can see their bibles again! While that moment was repeated over and over this afternoon, a


Wisdom and Beauty and Strength

crowd of children gathered outside.  Several of our team members spent the afternoon playing soccer, singing songs and telling bible stories.  These children don’t get much attention, but just like children everywhere they love to play and sing!

We are nearing the end of our ministry trip, but not the end of our ministry.  Friday afternoon we will meet with church members from the slums of Nairobi.  On Saturday we’ll safari to the Nairobi National Park and then start the long journey back on Saturday night.  Don’t stop praying!

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