Water for the soul

Water, it’s the bloodline of life.  We can survive much longer without food than we can without water.  Good water cleanses the soul but bad water can just as easily kill.  Water borne diseases are one of the most common preventable killers in the third world.


“This valve is for the water coming in…”

Diseases like Typhoid and Dysentery are nearly 100% preventable if water is purified before drinking.  For this trip, God provided 105 bucket type filters and three complete building filtration systems made by the Sawyer Co.  We have been distributing the bucket filters at each stop and we have delivered the three larger systems to the plumbers at the Seeds orphanage, the Seeds high school and today at the Bread of Life school in Khayega.  Mark met with each of the plumbers and described to them how to install the filters and how to clean them.  Because of these


What if this was your only source of water?

filters none of the recipients should have to suffer from a water borne disease for years to come.  While part of the team went to Khayega to teach a business conference, the rest of the team headed for the Light Feeding Program/School.

Light School is one of the first schools we came in contact with several years ago.  It is small and contained but very well run.  The team spent a delightful morning listening to the children present a program and then just spent time playing with them.  One of the reasons Vacation Bible School is so effective in the US is that children get


Me next!

extended time learning about the gospel.  At Light, one of their goals is to continuously share the gospel.  They are also working hard to help meet the physical needs of the children.  Our job today was to love on the children and help them remember, even for a little bit, that God loves them.  Unless a child understands love on earth, they will never understand how their Father could love them.


See Saw fun

Our time in Kitale/Kakamega has come to an end.  Tomorrow we fly back to Nairobi and conduct another business conference.  Then Saturday we Safari!  Thank you for your prayers.  They are surely being felt.

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