Bare feet and wounded hearts

Tuesday was intense.



Once again we started the day early at the Nakumatt where Mike was able to speak about how to live as a new Christian.  Discipleship is something Pastor Richard is working hard to model this and we were able to come alongside his ministry today.

In Kenya one of the biggest perils children face is from a tiny flea-sized insect called a jigger.  This insect burrows under the skin on


Darla & Sam working intensely

the feet, on the knees and elbows, and pretty much any exposed area of skin.  These insects then lay eggs which hatch and grow under the skin.  When the eggs hatch the larvae feed on their host.  I’ll spare you any more details, but the results can be devastating for those infected.  Today we travelled up Mt. Elgon to treat as many children as we could and then provide them with shoes.

We implemented a setup of multiple stations that each child travelled through.  First, the


New Shoes!

children’s feet were washed and scrubbed with a disinfecting solution and inspected for the presence of jiggers.  If there was evidence of infestation the children moved into a treatment room.  Our medically trained team members (and some who just learned fast!) then scraped away dead skin and removed any larvae that were present.  Some of the children were so badly infested that it took almost 45 minutes to remove all the larvae.  One child was so badly infected it took an hour and a half to clean both feet.

Once a child was either determined not to have an infestation during washing or once a child had been treated, they moved to the bandaging and socks station.  All feet were


Brandon the shoe-fitter!

treated with a Neosporin type dressing and socks put on their feet.  Those who had jiggers removed had bandages placed on the debridement sites on their feet and then socks.  Then they moved to the shoe station where they were fitted with shoes that were donated by many of you!  Today we treated and put shoes on the feet of over 150 children!  And we left medical supplies and at least another 200 pair of shoes for our Kenyan friends who will repeat this process in the near future.  The children left knowing they were loved by God and loved by you!


Frankie shared the Word to the parents while the children were being attended to!

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