The Lion and the Lamb

The Thompson gazelle is fast, but so is the jackal. We knew something was happening when we rounded the corner

We saw many different animals today

We saw many different animals today

and saw the herd of gazelle moving skittishly. A few seconds later and we saw the source of their angst. A jackal was circling the herd, looking for a weakness. He’d spot a young fawn and would start to close in only to be cut off by a pronghorn. He kept circling and probing, looking for an angle of attack. Suddenly he spotted it. The fawn couldn’t have been more than a few weeks on. What happened next was a flurry of action. The fawn, which had wandered too far away from the herd, sensed the jackal and hit the afterburners. Other gazelles gave chase, trying to get between the now flying jackal and the young gazelle. A few quick bursts of speed and a couple of evasive maneuvers from the wily old jackal and it was all over. The naïve little gazelle was hanging lifeless from the jackal’s mouth. The others made a few more futile attempts to rescue the fawn, but soon gave up, resigning themselves to watch the carnage from a few hundred yards away. This morning we witnessed all this in a matter of less than 5 minutes. All I could think about was how much like Satan that jackal was and how much like the naïve gazelle we are. He is a predator, pure and simple, and we are his prey. He circles us, looks for our weaknesses, isolates those weaknesses and then attacks. If only we would stay close to the herd.

King of the Jungle

King of the Jungle

We were in Lake Nakuru National Park this morning and it was amazing. It is a rare thing to see a big cat during the day. We were fortunate to see at least nine lions in three different groups. It is such a regal and majestic creature yet it is so deadly. We came up on the results of one pride’s night of hunting, a huge cape buffalo. God has designed nature so well. The lions had eaten their fill and now the big, ugly Maribou Storks were taking their turn. After them all sorts of rodents will have their turn then finally the bugs and insects will move in. Nothing goes to waste. While we were seeing all this Emory reminded us that one day, the lion will lay down with the fully unprotected lamb and neither will be in danger. One day the mighty Lion of Judah will return and there will be a new heaven and a new earth. None of Satan’s jackals will threaten us. We will not fear one another. We will never taste death again. What a day

God's Creativity

God’s Creativity

that will be!

We are now headed towards Nairobi. Sunday we will visit Amos and Miriam in the Mwiki slum on the outskirts of town. Then we’ll start the long trek back home. Literally on the ‘home stretch’!


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