A Mighty Woman of God

When Madame Rebekkah speaks, the children listen!

When Madame Rebekkah speaks, the children listen!

How do you thank someone who has so selfishly given of themselves to help those around them? For the teachers at Light School just outside Kakamega, you bring them teaching supplies! Light is the third school/feeding station we visited this trip. Rebekkah, whom I introduced earlier, is the founder and leader of this school along with her duties as headmistress of Seeds, Harvest Light and Light schools. Not only is she leading the schools, but she also has a ministry to several widows in the area. She is operating her own version of a Proverbs 31 Woman ministry, meeting weekly with them and teaching them the bible and practical tips on how to care for their families. She begged us to come back next year and bring some women who would

Sweet Kenyan singing!

Sweet Kenyan singing!

teach the widows. We will pray, will you?

Several of our team members had collected books, crayons, flash cards, shapes and colors teaching aids and a variety of other material. For a school with no budget for such things this was big news. Also, Michael Ingram’s mother had made dozens of little dresses and boys outfits. Some of these children will wear a new article of clothing for the first time in their lives (excluding their school uniform). Things we take for granted are a new experience for these children.

We had already been serenaded to the sweet sound of the children singing their welcome song as we entered the compound. After their version of Jesus I Love You we were able to tell our bible stories and sing more songs about Jesus. These children have already learned that Jesus loves them and is their provider. Madame Rebekkah is making sure of that.


My God is so Big!

My God is so Big!

We have one more ministry stop to make before we come home. In the meantime we will have a chance to witness the miracle of God’s creation at the Nakuru National Park. Animals of all shapes and sizes reside in this nature preserve. Most people believe the Garden of Eden was situated not too far from this spot. We’ll rest in a lodge there tonight and start our journey back to Nairobi tomorrow.

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