3 1/2 Hours and a Cloud of Dust


Welcome Visitors!

Welcome Visitors!

Kenyan roads were always bad. Now they’re working on them, everywhere! In true Kenyan fashion instead of working on one area then finishing it and moving to the next, they work on the road everywhere all at once! The drive to Kakamega from Kitale should normally take only 2 hours. Today it took 3 ½ and a cloud of dust. Every couple of miles we encountered a ‘diversion’ that would take us off the side of the road through dusty bumpy roads. Then someone was afraid we’d go too fast on those pothole-ridden stretches of dust and decided to put 12-inch tall speed bumps all along the way. I never thought I’d appreciate the construction crew working on the I-240 interchange!

Our reward for the drive was a visit to Harvest Light School and Feeding station. Located just outside of Kakamega

This is a good thumb!

This is a good thumb!

in the village of Khayega, Harvest Light ‘officially’ feeds 250 children everyday. In reality, they probably stretch that out to 375. Pastor Elkanah and his wife Juliet just don’t have the heart to turn any children away. If you were comparing school facilities to cars, Seeds Academy in Kitale would be a Cadillac and Harvest Light would be a Pinto! Classrooms are made of ‘iron sheet’ building over concrete floors and we’re thankful that at least the floors now have concrete. When we first visited here they were just dirt. The children put on quite a show for us! Each class from ‘baby class’ on up welcomed us with poems, songs and dances. As the funding for this school has increased you can tell that the children are getting healthier and are learning more. Progress is slow, but it is sure.

This afternoon we finally took a few hours to catch our breath. Deep inside the tropical rainforest known as the Kakamega National Forest is an oasis of a retreat center called the Rondo. It has that early 19th century British plantation feel. We had a nice

Rest is a good thing!

Rest is a good thing!

lunch then toured the grounds. Several of us took turns peeking back and forth with the monkeys through the trees and we walked a little nature trail through the forest. After several days of on-the-go ministry, it was nice to stop and recharge. Tomorrow we will travel to the village of Kimbiri to conduct a business and discipleship conference. Thanks again for your prayers!


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