Wandering in the Nairobi Wilderness

Please note – we have very limited and sporadic WI-FI so we may be a few days behind in our posts.  Please bear with us!

Posted by Katie Moser

Today started with a 3:30 am wake up call for most of us.  Our let lag alarm clocks woke up our bodies like it we were still on American time.  So needless to say we all had much needed extra prayer time this morning.  Today is Sunday and Sundays in Kenya are something that I always look forward to.  There’s nothing like experiencing the authentic worship of the truest believers.  We headed to Pastor Amos and Miriam’s church to preach, teach, and sing.  After a time of worship, I taught bible study on the subject of praise and then Ashleigh and I sang three songs.  It was a sweet time for both of to be able to sing together in Kenya.  There’s no one I’d rather sing and worship with than one of my closest friends.  Then Dad preached on our identity in Christ and again they soaked it in.  After church, we had the awesome privilege to take lunch in Amos and Miriam’s home.  It felt like going to my own home.  Amos and Miriam and their children Larry and Susan (named after my mom) are some of our closest friends in Kenya.  So needless to say we were more than happy to be there with time to spend with the family.  My favorite meals in Kenya are authentic home cooked meals.  There’s nothing better to eat in this country.  We all laughed as the team tried to tell Miriam to give us small portions and she ignored us and piled on our plates anyway.  We were filled to the max with chapatti (thick tortilla), kuku (chicken), rice, fried potatoes and other things I can’t even try to pronounce or spell.  Miriam could not be more proud to serve us in her home and we are SO grateful.  After filling up we were all ready to take a nap but on to the women’s conference we went. 

Before we started the women’s conference, we held a dedication service for Amos and Miriam’s new tent church.  They have been quite nomadic the last few years as landlord after landlord took advantage of them.  They are now in a more permanent situation with a tent church across the main road from their house.  Dad and Mom prayed over them and there was a time of sweet fellowship as these church members entered their ‘promised land’.

After that, each of the ladies had a chance to speak and share and every single one did an incredible job.  Even those who were nervous got up and spoke with clarity and truth.  It was so good to see God stretch these ladies out of their comfort zones.  If you don’t want to be taken out of your comfort zone, don’t come to Kenya.  It’s GOING to happen.  But everyone stepped up to do their part.  The ladies at the conference were so encouraged and spirits lifted and that made it all worth it.  We had the joy of handing out the jewelry that some of you (our friends and family) donated.  Their faces immediately lit up with their smiles.  Thank you all who donated to make that possible.  So tonight I’m empty and I’m full.  I’ve been emptied of my words, my energy, my heart, and my spirit.  In every way I’ve been emptied.  But I’ve been filled so much more.  Filled with Kenyan delicacies in my stomach.  Filled in my heart and my spirit.  Filled with words to tell you now.  God has a way to fill me in every way that I’ve emptied myself.  And I can’t be here without being encouraged, filled, and challenged by Jesus and my Kenyan friends.  This team has all been emptied and filled up again.  Thank you again for your prayers.  We send you our love from 8,000+ miles away!!



We will continue with more posts as we get better connectivity.  (can you say, ‘dial-up modem’?


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2 responses to “Wandering in the Nairobi Wilderness

  1. Lora Turner

    So thankful for the updates! Praying for your team! To God be the Glory GREAT things He has done.

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